Why Travel Verification Is Required?

 While traveling in a means of public transport, the odds favor the travel safety and incident-free trip. However, travelers can be subject to difficulties like crime and violence & some travel safety considerations include being aware of one’s surroundings in the vehicle.

Avoiding being the target of a crime or leaving copies of one’s important documents or any other information in the vehicle after the journey.

we always emphasize the importance of taking precautions to ensure travel safety.


Employees represent a company and thus are an integral part of it. If you will hire the right employees, your company will move in the right direction. Since the job market is a bit tight, many candidates lie on the resume and give fake references and may even further provide fraudulent information. Thus, it’s an absolute necessity to get pre-employment background verification and screening is done on all candidates before they join your company and become the face of the business.

Employee’s background verification including education wok experience, residential address screening, etc. is vital to building a secure company culture.

  1. To avoid numerous future issues for the company. 2) To select the right candidate fit every time. 3) To improve and grow your business


What is the purpose of Product verification?

It’s important to understand the value of product verification before you buy any product because many customers face the challenges in product quality, assurance, manufacturer trust, warranty, etc. VFAST does the 100% thorough product check and verifies before it gives you assurance to purchase the desired product hassle-free.

How does VFAST ensure for a 100% product verification assurance?

While a product verification VFAST profoundly and majorly focuses on. Verifying the product whether it is verified or non-verified to ensure it’s a genuine one. Complete product background verification to ensure it’s not a theft one. We carefully check the product that it’s in an intact condition, and it’s not a repaired product. We do a thorough check of whether the product is not assembled.


Outsourcing is a common practice in today’s culture and every organization wants to focus on the core business and to look at the outsource non-core services to contractors. In a few cases, there are various industries across various organizations are in practice for amplifying the workforce with the contractors.

We understand the seriousness of the Contractor Verification for any business, so we have combined technology and human-based verification which does the background verification check at every possible level like we do. Online verification and or surveyor visits the physical location and math every listing detail with the actual one, and finally, we generate a scientific report which clearly indicates whether you should go for the contract or not.


In the current market, you can’t trust real estate listings blindly because there is a huge number of cases in which the buyer had become a victim of fraudulent and they are in court. Our courts are overburdened with the cases and primarily with the subject line of the ‘’property”.

No one can deny the fact that the civil courts in India are burdened with litigations where the almost major subject matter is the “property”. Among those halves, the matter falls into the category where the buyer has filed the suit due to his failure to scrutinize the title of the property properly at the time of its purchase. A first-time buyer or an experienced buyer – whomever he may be, a good amount of base work has to be done before purchasing a property whereupon the buyer needs to inquire and verify all the documents. Before hastening to the Sub-Registrar office for the tenacity of registering, the prudent buyers are required to verify the title of the property which can easily be done with the help of the Attorney. So it’s mandatory to go for a property check.

Once you have decided to invest your hard-earned money in a long-term investment such as property, you must also ensure that you do the same with an eagle eye. Purchasing of immovable property for your future needs must not be turning into a disaster and put you in hectic situations at a later point in time. The buyer should always ensure that there is monetary triumph though he makes fast and furious decision to purchase the property immediately.


Tying the knot with your dream guy or girl?

What if your fantasy turns out to be a nightmare because you got stuck in an abusive relationship? Marriages are made in heaven and heaven is here on earth, at your own verification company that takes care of all examination/verification in matters of marriage.

We are a pre-matrimonial investigation verification company that provides complete end to end verification service for checking credentials and qualification of Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be. Get complete marriage verification done to ensure that you don’t get stuck in a bad marriage. As a parent, you want to be sure about who you are marrying your children to and further ensure that the person who joins your family is of reputation and worthy.

VFAST Bride & Groom Verification Valuation Process:

We confirm that the family background of the accurate as provided by the Bride to be/Groom to be therefore ensuring that the Bride/Groom you pick comes with zero baggage. We further check that the income claimed by the subject is really the earned income especially in the cases of Grooms to be as it might affect the financial stability of the couple. We also do behavioral verification to analyze that there won’t be any problems in the future. We will verify the father’s business details too. In addition to miscellaneous details, we further examine the qualification and other sensitive details of the Bride-to-be and the Groom-to-be.


Before you buy a vehicle make sure that the inspection is done well to check whether the vehicle is stolen or registered. You don’t want to go home with a stolen vehicle or waste your hard-earned money by buying a stolen vehicle which is why it’s important to examine and do a complete inspection of the vehicle before you buy it. We are a vehicle verification company that provides end to end vehicle verification online to check that the vehicle you are purchasing will be a wise transaction.

Vehicle Verification Importance:

It should be in proper condition so you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs in the future. The vehicle should be registered so you don’t run into any legal problems later in life. It should not have any pending challans or lacking with any document to avoid legal trouble during police checks. The vehicle should be genuine and not stolen. Saving valuable time and energy so you get complete assurance of the vehicle purchase.


VFAST is a background verification product by FBIV Infocomm Pvt Ltd in India which is evolving rapidly in the market. It has launched the Three Enrollments {Employer (Corporate Card), Employee (Green Card), and Student (Future Card)} and Nine Verification Services (Company, Tenant, Vehicle, Bride & Groom, Travel, Employee, Property, Product and Contractor).

Now, enrollment becomes easy with the VFAST for everyone. Just download our app from the Play Store and follow the simple steps to avail our fair and comprehensive verification services.


We are an all-inclusive company background verification company providing complete end to end checks. It’s important to keep a good company background because the kind of company you associate yourself defines your character and reserves your place in society. Moreover, it reflects on your resume on a permanent basis since the company you work with is definitely going down on your resume.
Your future employers will question you regarding the kind of company you kept and associated yourself with and it may even affect the result of your interviews and future planning. We provide a full company background verification to ensure that the company you join doesn’t turn out to be fraud or nightmarish and your future is stable.

Things that can go wrong with a company if you don’t make a wise decision:

1.Ensuring that the company is a registered organization is integral since you will need paperwork when you apply for more jobs. Unless the company is a registered organization, your experience won’t count as valid and your decision will reflect poorly on your resume.

2.The work environment should be good and non-toxic so employees stay for longer and productivity flourishes. A toxic work environment will decrease your efficiency and drive you to quit your responsibilities at the company.

3.The company should be financially stable so it can pay out salaries in time and grow. If the company fails to afford its employees, the work culture will suffer and the employees will eventually lose morale.

Through this company background verification, we ensure that the company you have chosen for yourself is indeed the one worth working for so your career moves upwards and you grow as a professional.

by FBIV Infocomm Pvt Ltd

VFAST is the fastest evolving background verification product by FBIV Infocomm Pvt Ltd, which provides services one of its kind and all in one together. A leading verification company, we provide complete verification concerning everything from a tenant to bride/groom to a contractor!

We are technologically advanced and make sure that we follow this innovative technology to provide you the best verification services in the industry. Our services surpass mere employee verification as we provide all sorts of verification services for every facet in life. Moreover, we have created a simple app for you so you can place your orders at the comfort of your home and get the report in an instant.

At VFAST, we uphold values that make us superior to our competitors and make our services more innovative. The cutting edge advantage we have is that our services are backed by a new state of the art technology which our competitors doesn’t have.