Drug Screening

We make certain that our drug screening and background reports are as detailed and as precise as they can be. Our verification reports will help you make the most up-to-date decision about your potential new hire and guard your business against mishaps.


Drug test requirements could be diverse depending on the size of the organization, testing all new employees or re-testing existing employees functional to all.

Why Drug Tests?

For many companies, drug use can affect the safety of the employee under the influence and all of those around them. Drug users lead to display behaviours that may disrupt business flow and routine. Some of these behaviours include absenteeism, paranoia, and/or improper hygiene. Providing a drug-free work sector through proper testing can benefit your organization to avoid potential issues associated with employee drug abuse.

We take the drug testing process seriously, with precision being the utmost priority for you as an employer and for the patron as well.

Education Background Verification

Education Background Verification

In the modern age, achieving a degree has become quite common. most of the people who have a degree will eventually need an education background check when applying for jobs. it’s important to understand the aim and therefore the process of how education background checks work.

What is an education background check?

An education background check is employed to verify the training or education for somebody applying for employment. Typically, the check will verify the dates of attendance and whether the degree was acquired. Most degrees are verified by the Admissions and Records office of the varsity or institution. Some institutions use third-party companies to verify education, and should or might not charge a fee. This verification is usually titled as an Education Check or Education Background Check.

How does education verification protect you from education fraud? Let’s check out the essential steps during this process.

  1. Your job listings should require applicants to supply detailed information about their education. Some fields you’ll include are institution name, dates attended, highest degree obtained, and areas of study. Having this information before running a background check will assist you to catch discrepancies between their resume and actual education history.
  2. After completing your interviews and selecting your top candidate(s) for the work, find a service which will perform a comprehensive background make sure to verify the tutorial credentials provided by the applicants.
  3. The background screening company should conduct a radical check to verify that the applicant attended the tutorial institution that they claimed which the institution is legitimate. they ought to also verify the dates the applicant attended the institution, once they completed the coursework and if they received the degree(s).
  4. You should then receive a transparent, detailed report back from the screening company.
  5. Finally, use the background report back to compare what the applicant claims with what they need to be achieved. If you discover any discrepancies, the report will assist you to determine if this is often a deal-breaker or a minor issue.

By completing these basic education verification steps, you’ll verify candidate experience and make sure that applicants have the skill set they have to try to do the work.

Why Background Verification Is Important?

To protect the corporate from various potential risks, a background check is taken into account an important pre-employment screening step before making a hiring decision. Most of the days, companies assume that the applicants are telling the reality on their resumes. Most of the days, applicants are honest but there are few areas where they will hide the reality from you. to make sure that your company is hiring the proper person, a background check must happen.

What is Background Check?

It is a comprehensive review of an individual or the other organization’s commercial records, financial records and most vital of all, criminal records. A background check can include education, employment, credit history, criminal records, license record etc.

Various background check services providers can get you all the knowledge on your current or future employees.

Why Your Company Needs Background Check Services?

Here are some obvious reasons why your company must acquire background check services to make sure sound hiring decisions:

It Highlights Criminal History

One of the most reasons why companies decide for pre-employment background checks is to flag any previous criminal history of the applicant. Knowing an applicant’s criminal history, the employer can make a final judgment. Sometimes, criminal history suggests minor charges on the applicant. However, to make sure whether the applicant is suitable for hiring or not, a criminal history check must happen.

It Avoids Liability

Let’s suppose that you simply hire an individual for the teamster position without running any background check on him. One day, he gets into a serious accident on a busy road thanks to driving under an influence. The police arrest the driving force and it seems that he already had three DUIs within the past. Given the very fact that you simply didn’t run any background check, there are chances that you’ll be considered liable thanks to your negligence.

It Ensures Workplace Safety

There are chances that you’ll conduct interviews with dangerous applicants. From sex offenders to violent criminals, you only cannot take a risk of hiring them. But what if you are doing not run a background check and hire a violent criminal or sexual predator? it’ll compromise your workplace safety. Every employer knows that workplace safety is one among the highest concerns and if it’s compromised then there are chances that you simply are going to be held in charge of it.

Job Competence is vital 

For employers, verifying the claims that are made by job applicants is vital. Let it’s the tutorial qualifications or the other job history, the employer needs a reliable way which will make the screening process a hit. Without background checks, you only can’t be positive about the hiring decisions you made.

It Ensures that you simply Have Made a Right Decision

In the end, it all comes right down to peace of mind. it’s obvious that you simply want your company to thrive which is why you’ll choose the simplest candidates. there’s no denying that employment screening processes are hectic and filled with stress. You undergo such lengthy processes because you would like the simplest for your company. If you would like to form sure that you’ve hired the proper person then running a background check is as important as anything.

Residential Verification


One procedure which can help any office and association to check and approve a personality is a private confirmation process. This will require a particular report which is a private check structure to procure the significant and pertinent data about an individual or a candidate. 

This structure will fixate on the location and the citizenship of the candidate which should bolster every single other report, for example, his driver’s permit, distinguishing proof cards, legitimate gun bill of offer archives, and his transcripts or school records. 

By utilizing this structure, landowners, directors, managers, school heads, supports, and the state office individuals will have the option to decide and check if an individual is expressing and asserting a genuine and substantial location or property.

Why is Address verification necessary?

  • For completing correspondence with the workers in pre-hiring and post-termination phases. This could cover conveying offer letters, application forms, or final settlement documents and dues. In certain cases, it’s going to be useful for sending out legal notices.
  • As a primary point for querying just in case of absenteeism, disciplinary issues, or any violations. There are cases reported of employees who go missing after defaulting with customer accounts. Address verification will not only prevent such misgivings but also be valuable in finding such defaulters.
  • Helping enforcement authorities just in case of any criminal acts by employees. A verified address supports the police in forward with investigations.

What checks need to be performed during address verification?

  1. The address referenced by the candidate exists or not?
  2. Whether the candidate stays at the referenced address or not?
  3. If the person does not stay current, what was the tenure of past stay?
  4. How does the one that verified the knowledge associated with the candidate?
  5. The verified residence is owned or rented by the candidate?

Address verification is directed through a field officer’s visit to the mentioned address. the sector officer verifies the address details, the tenure of remain, the ownership status and details of other members residing there. If just in case the door is found locked, the officer goes ahead and verifies the small print from people residing within the neighbourhood.

The cost of such a check will typically depend on the remoteness and availability of the area. This check might not be feasible in certain disturbed areas or may cost extremely high.

Employee Background Screening

employee background check

Studies show that up to 95% of managers expect workers to experience some sort of background check – once in a while including a credit check – during the employing procedure. 

For what reason do businesses need this data? It could be for a few reasons. For example, if the government trusted status is required for the activity you are meeting for, a work employment background check might be required. For positions including accounting or financial responsibilities, credit reports can give knowledge into how financially reliable you are. 

Before you consent to permit a business to run a historical verification during the employing procedure, discover what sort of data they can find – and what your rights are.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check may be a review of an individual’s commercial, criminal, and (occasionally) financial records. Typically, an employer will contract with an outdoor vendor who focuses on background checks.

The background check company will survey your records to decide whether you are who you state you are and whether there are any warnings in your own or professional history. Depending upon limitations forced by state law, these records may incorporate criminal history, business records, financial records, driving records, and even clinical history. In any case, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alerts managers against utilizing clinical history or hereditary data in contracting choices.

How should I run background checks?

  1. Have a uniform background check policy.
  2. Get legal advice.
  3. Give candidates an opportunity to respond to any information that you simply find.
  4. Only use services that are FCRA compliant.
  5. Know the difference between reference checks and investigative consumer reports.
  6. Use background checks for each candidate, not just a few.
  7. Pay attention to all the information that is collected.
  8. Do not ask questions on a character when trying to verify facts.

Happy Women’s Day 2020

This #IWD2020, In VFAST- FBIV, women proves not in gender equality but also in achieving a successive position, Shivani Jain is one of the names to prove that no matter gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, everyone has  equal opportunities. We also believe that a successful and powerful women can build a successful company by the power of strength and discipline. Moreover Manmeet Kaur Director of the company a name who proves the same .We take stand for gender equality by urging other companies to follow our lead.

Women are stronger than anyone can imagine, celebrate the endless power of women. Happy Women’s Day to all!

Verification Service By VFast

Employee Verification service by VFast

Employee Verification now becomes an important process that an employer or an owner must avail this service to run a business without any fraudulent. If you will hire an employee without their pre-employment verification they may lose your time and money. We all know that the implementation of money at the correct time in the market is the business is all about.

Employee verification service help you to invest money at the correct person so that they may grow your business regularly. Investing a small amount on employee verification services provide a person who will grow your business without creating trouble for you that will a great deal.

How VFast do Verification of Your Employees?

You can raise the request against VFast Employee verification service through VFast mobile application or VFast webpage. VFast made the verification service easily and simple you can raise your request in just one click. “Verification is in your hands” that’s all that VFast wanted.

Other VFast Verification Services.

Along with pre-Employment verification VFast do 8 more verification those are tenant verification, Company verification, property verification, bride & groom (pre-matrimonial investigation verification company), vehicle verification, contractor verification, travel verification & Product verification. You can also avail these services from VFast mobile application & VFast webpage.

Tenant Verification 

As we discussed above that VFast deals with nine verification services. Tenant verification helps you rent your hard-earned property to a verified person so that It will never create trouble for you and your hard-earned property.

Company Verification

Company verification helps you to invest or establish your partnership with the genuine company in the market. So, that they can grow your business in the future. Company verification help you in making the decision before investing money in any company in the market.

Property Verification

Property verification helps you investing money in verified property. VFast verifies retailing price and the validation of the property with other properties. Then they submit a report with the rating then it’s up to you that you will invest in the property or not.

Bride & Groom Verification

Pre-Matrimonial investigation or bride and groom verification help you to select a correct life partner. Marriage is one-time rituals but the relation the rituals create will last lifelong. So before selecting your life partner make sure he/she is the correct person for you or not. This verification helps you in making the decision.

 Vehicle Verification

Vehicle Verification helps you to invest your money in the correct vehicle so that they can’t create trouble for you in the future. Imagine you buy a vehicle by saving money for your hard-earned salary. Then after the vehicle started troubling you in the future. Then you feel why you should not verify the vehicle before buying. So be careful to verify before you buy it.

Contractor Verification

Outsourcing is a common practice in today’s culture and every organization wants to focus on the core business and to look at the outsource non-core services to contractors.

  Product Verification

It’s important to understand the value of product verification before you buy any product because many customers face the challenges in product quality, assurance, manufacturer trust, warranty, etc.

These all verification saves your hard-earned money, time and your business. VFast is the only platform that provides you mobile and webpage both to raise your request for verification services.

VFast, as Environment Savior


We are saving the environment by eliminating the use of paper thereby saving trees. This is a great initiative taken by VFAST (FBIV) as these days pollution is the man-made calamity that we are suffering from. VFAST (FBIV) proposed two strategies that save paper which then saves trees and later contributes in saving the environment.


VFAST (FBIV)  has launched the in-hand verification process program for 9 verification services. We have only two ways to access the verification process which is either to maintain records in laptops or collecting those hard copies. What VFAST (FBIV) has done is that it has proposed in-hand accessibility for the verification process, that is one can keep the record of verification in their phones. This saves the hardcopies through which verification proceed.


On 12th and 13th, October VFAST (FBIV) has participated in franchise India 2019. It’s the 17th international franchise and retail show. We have launched our new innovation there. We have three enrolment services i.e.,
for Students-FUTURE CARD
for Employee-GREEN CARD

The purpose of launching these services is the abolishment of paper. This enrolment offers digital cards by mobile application as well web registration which stores all the documents online and one can easily save, access and share documents anywhere securely. This indeed will save the trees.

A single green card that eliminate the use of paper by making the data immortal and provides digital anywhere anytime accessibility.

we are providing you a click start to the digital world or in other words digitalization to all documents.


we have learned a common line that “this earth is borrowed from our ancestor and we have to pass it to our next generation” VFAST (FBIV) works on the same principle i.e. digitalization that offers sustainable development. Also, VFAST (FBIV) has given a platform, which makes carrying documents all the time possible.



Vfast implies verification fast. It’s an initiative to sustain the earth via digital development. A step that saves the tree and provides an entrance to the paperless era. Vfast consists of three enrollment plans and nine verification services.

VFAST is the first background check or background verification company that implement their application where you can request for your verification and also you can enroll in the application.


Basically, the main motive of launching this enrollment service is to support the digital world and abolish the use of paper thereby reducing the burden of papers on earth. 
“Save paper-save trees-save environment-save earth”.

A trivial change for a massive result.A saving that comes up with great interest. Saving trees that will pamper your whole life by its cold breeze and shadow. Also, the service provides insurance to all of your documents, progress reports, and other files by saving them . its any time anywhere access card. It’s a platform that provides you with any information in just one click. Digitalization to your document which means that you can access all your documents in just one click.


VFAST work on SSL(secure socket layer)wild card and AWS(amazon web service)
the enrollment service provides you corporate card(employer), green card(employee) and future card(student).
nine verification service consists of a tenant, matrimony, product, travel, property, contractor, employee, company, vehicle. The purpose of this verification is 

                                                             “trust but verify first”.

Verification is the process to authenticate any framework, person or device. Verification consists of various filtration process which validates the authenticity of anything. It is the process that acts as a saviour in your life helps you to eliminate and repel future criminal or forgery scope.

Vfast an app that eradicates forgery and provides you paperless era. 
You can visit VFAST webpage by clicking here.



To ensure the insurance of your documents by replacing them with a digital card you have to follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you need to first reach to VFAST webpage or need to download VFAST app on your android or IOS phone. It is available on all play store. 
  • Now signup there by entering your ten-digit mobile no. You will get an OTP (One-time password) on your phone. Enter the OTP and here we are at your service welcoming you on VFAST.
  • There is a hamburger icon on your top left now click it.
  • Listing -home, services, enrollment, order, pending order, FAQ and terms.
  • You have to select enrollment now there are three enrollments offered by VFast open the last one denoting your section “student enrollment”.

  • Here is your insurance form to your documents
  • In first section fill your personal information i.e., your name, gender, nationality, date of birth, Aadhar no., mobile no., email id
  • Next section is related to your residential information i.e., address, street no., state, city, pin code, block, post office. 
  • Now your parent’s information i.e., your mother and father name, income, designation, and email id.
  • Now this one is really important 
  • Your documentation records here you have to submit date of birth certificate and your Aadhaar front back 
  • Next is your academic record, here you have to upload your schooling documents, graduation documents and postgraduation diploma depending upon your qualification
  • If you are done with the schooling then submit the school name, your class, year, and documents that you earn in that class. Same goes for postgraduation and graduation there you have to mention your college and university name along with the year.

This is how you can keep the record of all your academic documentation immortal and save eliminating the hassle of managing and saving them. Accessibility to all your documents in just one click